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Provider Spotlight: Results Physiotherapy

What’s in a name? Ask the clinicians at Results Physiotherapy and they’ll tell you – quite a lot.

3 Top Telehealth Models for Physical Therapy

Learn more about the primary approaches driving today’s telerehabilitation services and how they can serve the workers’ compensation market.

Provider Spotlight: Advanced Diagnostics

Why does MedRisk provider Advanced Diagnostics bear the tagline “Dare to think outside the tunnel?”

Q1 2017 Legislative Updates

Here is a summary of legislative and regulatory developments and challenges for the first quarter of 2017 and their practical implications.

3 Ways to Break Through the Medical Cost Containment Ceiling

Ask these three questions to ensure accurate and fair medical payment on each and every bill, and to realize a new level of medical cost containment.

Article Recap: On the Job. Getting the Most Out of a Functional Capacity Evaluation

Since the mid-80s, functional capacity evaluation (FCEs) have been used to measure a worker’s ability to perform the physical demands of a given job.

Telemedicine & the Injured Worker: Benefits and Opportunities

Today’s telehealth-powered care models have the potential to save both time and money for patients and employers alike.

Industry Trend: Is PT the Better Option for Treating Meniscal Tears in Middle-Aged Patients?

While many rely on knee arthroscopy to cure pains, it has been associated with short-lived and sometimes inconsequential benefit but additional harms.

Telemedicine: Is It Really a Viable Alternative?

We’ve all heard about the concept of telemedicine, but will demand drive it to become a mainstream healthcare option?

Provider Spotlight: MedRisk Back in Motion Physical Therapy

Back in Motion Physical Therapy, LLC, has over 10 years of experience in helping injured workers get back on the job.