Managed Physical Medicine & Diagnostic Imaging


Industry Trend: Is PT the Better Option for Treating Meniscal Tears in Middle-Aged Patients?

While many rely on knee arthroscopy to cure pains, it has been associated with short-lived and sometimes inconsequential benefit but additional harms.

Telemedicine: Is It Really a Viable Alternative?

We’ve all heard about the concept of telemedicine, but will demand drive it to become a mainstream healthcare option?

Provider Spotlight: MedRisk Back in Motion Physical Therapy

Back in Motion Physical Therapy, LLC, has over 10 years of experience in helping injured workers get back on the job.

Q4 2016 Legislative Updates

Here is a summary of legislative and regulatory developments and challenges for the fourth quarter of 2016 and their practical implications.

Statistic Spotlight: Radiologist Review Reduces Excessive or Inappropriate Use of High-End Diagnostic Imaging

In one pilot study, review by a radiologist redirected 13.3% of MRI and CT imaging orders due to excessive or inappropriate characteristics.

Shelley Boyce on Failure, Persistence, and Doing What’s Right

As one of the latest Women to Watch awardees, MedRisk’s founder and CEO has a lot to say about the future of the workers’ comp industry.

“Winterize” Your Workplace: How to Keep Common Cold-Weather Hazards at Bay

Slips and falls, as well as illnesses and injuries caused by cold stress, pose considerable risk to employee health. Take these precautions.

Preventing Agricultural Injuries

Proper healing following a workplace injury is important for any area of business, but the physical demands, difficult labor and repetitive motion of farm work can make agricultural employees more at risk of injury.

Provider Spotlight: BenchMark Physical Therapy

BenchMark Physical Therapy utilizes a hands-on approach to get the positive results both their patients and partners desire.

Paving the Road to Recovery: The Role of Integrated Support in Injured Worker Rehabilitation

Learn more about how MedRisk’s in-house patient advocates, customer advocates and on-staff clinicians help get injured workers back in the game.

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