Managed Physical Medicine


The Future of Low Back Pain Treatment: Innovative Care Models

Can these three progressive care models bring us closer to standardized treatment for LBP patients?

Provider Spotlight: CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services

Since 2003, patients in the Washington, DC, metro area have relied on CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services’ patient-focused, team-based approach to rehabilitation.

Provider Spotlight: Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness

Combining clinical expertise with personalized rehabilitative care.

Q2 2018 Legislative Updates

Here is a summary of legislative and regulatory developments and challenges for the second quarter of 2018 and their practical implications:

What Is Pain? New Considerations in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

Recent studies on biological and psychological processes are informing how we understand low back pain. How does this new research translate to the clinic?

Statistic Spotlight: Study Finds Immediate Physical Therapy Treatment for Acute LBP May Lead to Lower Costs

A recent assessment evaluated the impact of receiving physical therapy and the timing of physical therapy initiation on downstream health care utilization and costs among patients with acute LBP.

Not-so-alternative Care: Conservative Low Back Pain Treatment Gains Acceptance

Exercise therapy and acupuncture are becoming more mainstream treatment options for low back pain. What’s driving this change?

Statistic Spotlight: Groundbreaking Guideline Requires Nonsurgical Treatment of LBP

A new assessment of lower back pain surgery is declared “often ineffective” by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Physical Therapy Following Carpal Tunnel Release: Guidelines and Considerations

MedRisk Advisory Board Member Dr. Jane Fedorcyzk responds to new performance measures regarding post-operative PT for carpal tunnel patients.

Provider Spotlight: TOC Therapy Center

Giving patients a hand by building better therapies.