Managed Physical Medicine


Provider Spotlight: West Berkeley Wellness

Bay area practice delivers stress-free acupuncture treatment to musculoskeletal patients

Study Links Physical Therapy to Better Recovery for Knee Replacement Surgery Patients

Can physical therapy optimize recovery following knee replacement surgery? A recent study of TKA patients offers new insights.

Inside Look: The Unique Benefits of Telerehabilitation for Injured Workers

Jill Carnahan, PT, DPT, reflects on how her experience supervising MedRisk’s telerehab team has transformed her perspective on the role of virtual PT visits in injured worker recovery.

Advisory Board Member Dr. Paul Beattie Discusses the Benefits of Telehealth in the Military

MedRisk’s ISAB Member Paul Beattie shares how virtual visits and other telehealth capabilities are increasing access to care for patients – including deployed military personnel.

UPMC Centers for Rehab Services Reflects on 20+ Years as a MedRisk Provider

As MedRisk celebrates its 25th anniversary, one of its longest-held provider partnerships sustains its value in business growth and patient outcomes.

CMS Considers Coverage of Acupuncture for Treatment of Low Back Pain

Could a recently launched federal assessment bolster acceptance of acupuncture as a treatment for occupational low back pain?

Provider Spotlight: OSPTA Physical and Hand Therapy

Western Pa.-based MedRisk provider invests in expanding occupational therapy services and expertise. Learn more about OSPTA.

Q1 2019 Legislative Updates

Here is a summary of legislative and regulatory developments and challenges for the first quarter of 2019 and their practical implications.

Research Spotlight: Could Exercise-Based Interventions Be the Answer to Preventing Occupational Low Back Pain?

A review of 28 published articles has determined which employer interventions are most effective at preventing LBP on the job.

Workers’ Comp Costs: Why Physical Therapy is Bigger than You Think (Part 2 of 2)

In this two-part series, “Workers’ Comp Costs: Why Physical Therapy is Bigger than You Think,” we explore some of the reasons why, despite positive overall claim trends, the percentage of claims with physical therapy (PT) involvement is on the rise – and why a managed physical medicine program continues to be a necessary component of workers’ comp managed care.