Managed Physical Medicine

Diagnostic Imaging for Injured Workers

MedRisk, Inc. has been specializing in managing medical care for injured workers since the early 1990’s. It’s our job to minimize risk of errors in workman’s compensation claims and help patients recover and return to work.

Diagnostic imaging errors can have serious consequences for all stakeholders, including delays in definitive diagnosis, increased costs and patient inconvenience or even harm.

Recent studies have identified two general categories of errors that lead to diagnostic adverse events (DAE) in diagnostic imaging:

  • Knowledge-based Errors, for example, failure to specify contrast, ordering the wrong test or over-ordering.
  • System Related Errors, for example, order entry errors, poor order verification or quality assurance protocols, failure to confirm patient identity, misinterpretation of the order and illegible scripts.

Learn more about the most common knowledge-based and system-related errors – and associated factors that can be managed to minimize risk.

Click the image on the right to download the white paper: Controllable Risk Factors in Diagnostic Imaging for Injured Workers