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I’m Scheduled for Vestibular Therapy. Now What?

Vestibular therapy is designed to address problems with the vestibular system, or inner ear.

This system is crucial to helping keep the body balanced; inner ear issues often result in dizziness or vertigo. Vestibular therapy is performed by a physical therapist, and is often prescribed by a physician, neurologist or ENT doctor.

Pre-Exam Questions

You’ll be asked about the history of your symptoms – when they started, whether something triggered them, how long they last, whether you’ve had any other tests done, how they affect your daily function, and any medications you’re currently taking related to these symptoms.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothing in which you can easily change position.

About the Exam
  • The therapist will assess your balance, arm and leg function and eye movements and vision.
  • If you are experiencing benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), a common cause of “spinning” sensations, the therapist will likely employ a “particle repositioning” maneuver. This can cause near-immediate cessation of symptoms. In this case, a single follow-up visit is likely all that is necessary.
  • On occasion, the “particle repositioning” may cause symptoms to temporarily worsen before getting better, so make sure you have someone to drive you to and from your appointment.
  • At-home exercises may be prescribed, depending on symptoms.

* This sheet should not be considered medical advice; if you have questions, you should contact your physician or case manager.