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Managed Care at MedRisk

At MedRisk, managed physical medicine is far more than just connecting payers with providers.

We serve as a proactive, positive force throughout the episode of care, monitoring progress, providing answers, streamlining correspondence and managing utilization. The goal is to create unique efficiencies and deliver evidence-based clinical recommendations that reduce both administrative burdens and medical costs, while improving the quality of patient care and outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Platinum Grade Program leverages technology, evidence-based guidelines that are specific to physical medicine and a national network of expert providers to deliver best-in-class, quality care.

What You & The Injured Worker Have Access To:

Clinical Oversight

In-Depth Patient Education

Evidence-Based Recommendations

100% US-Based Customer Service

Nationwide Provider Network

Outcomes-Driven Provider Selection

In-Clinic Physical Rehab

Telerehabilitation Option

Expert Network of Providers

Access the industry’s biggest and best network of credentialed PTs, OTs, chiropractors and more. MedRisk’s nationwide network of 148,000+ providers includes specialists in every relevant discipline.

Patient Advocacy

Knowing what to expect reduces anxiety and promotes attendance. MedRisk’s dedicated advocacy experts help patients navigate the system and speed the recovery process by promoting good will among patients, employers and claims professionals.


MedRisk’s HIPAA-compliant, secure videoconferencing technology and remote therapeutic methodology lets busy, clinically eligible injured workers complete some or all their treatment virtually, from just about anywhere.

Onsite Physical Therapy

Treat patients where they work with onsite PT. A dedicated physical therapist with expertise in work-related injuries and in-depth remote care training can treat injured workers and perform preventative assessments at your largest facility—and deliver telerehab care to satellite locations, too.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

MedRisk’s first-of-its kind functional capacity evaluation program is designed to provide employers, claim professionals and employees with the tools and information they need to make the process as simple as possible.