Managed Physical Medicine & Diagnostic Imaging

Managed Diagnostic Imaging

A single error in the diagnostic imaging process can have significant repercussions on the outcome of a workers’ compensation case.

A patient screening mistake, body-part or patient misidentification, wrong procedure script or poor quality image can delay time to treatment and return to work, compound claims office workload, and increase the risk of litigation. What’s worse, the direct and indirect costs associated with a single mistake can quickly run into the five figures.

Clearly, reducing errors is of the utmost importance to all stakeholders in the workers’ comp industry.

That’s why MedRisk couples a nationwide network of credentialed diagnostic imaging providers with a unique level of clinical oversight. Our time-tested processes are proven to eliminate the errors that lead to scheduling delays, misdiagnoses and unnecessary repeat studies. From referral to scheduling through the delivery of quality images and studies, you can rest assured that the case will run smoothly.

The MedRisk Diagnostic Imaging Difference

Step 1: Scheduling & Patient Screening

The MedRisk difference begins with the very first phone call; we answer 88 percent of calls within 10 seconds, and schedule most injured workers within three days. This highly efficient process is backed by physician-to-physician verification, as well as physician-approved patient screening and QA procedures.

The result? The correct exam is quickly scheduled, for the right patient, with the right provider. It’s a seemingly simple step, but it’s a proven driver of cost reductions and return-to-work speed.

Step 2: Exam & Imaging

Our nationwide diagnostic imaging network is made up of credentialed MRI, CT and EMG/NCV providers. Our centers offer consistently high-quality images, excellent patient service and access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Perhaps most important, every diagnostic imaging provider in the MedRisk network is highly experienced – and according to Thomas Jefferson University, experienced radiologists demonstrate a 13.3 percent lower error rate.

Step 3: Delivery

MedRisk’s cloud-based technology platform offers payers and medical practitioners instant, online access to images and reports. This proprietary process – available exclusively to MedRisk clients – facilitates collaboration for faster decision-making on pre-authorization, diagnosis and treatment strategies, independent medical exams and more.

Better yet, all images and reports are archived indefinitely in our secure, private portal, making later comparisons and injury-aging studies a snap.

Step 4: Physical Medicine Referral

Ultimate referral for physical rehabilitation is just as easy. Because MedRisk’s diagnostic imaging and physical medicine offerings are fully integrated, there’s no wasteful re-work necessary to schedule subsequent PT/OT or chiropractic care. MedRisk logs upcoming treatments and then proactively schedules the necessary physical rehabilitation at the right time with the right provider. With one referral, you access the nation’s biggest and best diagnostic imaging and physical medicine network, eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks and leakage.

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