Managed Physical Medicine

NexGen Advantage®

MedRisk’s NexGen Advantage® is the industry’s first single solution that uses analytics, technology, and clinical expertise to ensure accurate and fair medical payment of each and every bill.

Employed post-bill review, this innovative new solution is designed to optimize managed care program results.

Analytical Power

NexGen Advantage® runs upfront bill analysis using outcomes-driven algorithms. Leveraging over 200 million code combinations, the engine examines multiple factors and identifies complex bill patterns that may require a deeper dive – or even clinical intervention.

Clinical Management

NexGen Advantage® has more than 300 physicians and coders evaluating red-flagged cases to determine if a bill is clinically appropriate. Peer-to-peer conversations with providers about benchmarks, coding, and payments, and online access to data help all parties to engage in non-confrontational discussions and arrive at the right decision.

Program Optimization

NexGen Advantage® assesses the potential of all channels at once and applies the appropriate strategy to achieve the very best results…all for a single access fee and through a single trusted partner.

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