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Clinical Expertise Guided Development of Medrisk’s New FCE Program

MedRisk has created a new Functional Capacity Evaluation program to give claims professionals a more efficient and effective way to make informed return-to-work and disability management decisions.

Designed with input from MedRisk’s International Scientific Advisory Board, the program leverages improved communication and documentation to deliver relevant and actionable information to busy claims professionals.

Identification of Goals

FCEs can be used to measure treatment progress and evaluate treatment strategies, gauge physical ability as it relates to job function, support safe return-to-work determinations or determine disability ratings. The identification and communication of objectives prior to an evaluation is therefore critical.

MedRisk’s new program identifies specific requirements and objectives prior to the evaluation and communicates those goals to the evaluating therapist. MedRisk also maintains an online library of job descriptions for employers that use the program.

Ease-of-Use and Quality

The quality of the report and ease-of-use is also important. Using guidelines developed by the American Physical Therapy Association, MedRisk providers are specifically credentialed to perform high quality FCEs.

Peer-to-peer quality assurance reviews of reports prior to delivery, plus easy-to-read summaries ensure that the information delivered is both relevant and actionable. The quality assurance reviews and at-a-glance summaries are prepared the same day to facilitate swift turnaround of the FCE.

Patient Education

Patient education in advance of the evaluation and appointment reminders by text are other important features.

Patients receive educational material about the purpose and length of the FCE (4-8 hours), along with suggestions on what to wear and what to bring to ensure comfort. MedRisk also sends voicemail and text appointment reminders. This patient-centric component reduces no-shows and walk-outs and improves patient satisfaction.

The identification of goals, clear communication, quality documentation and patient education deliver value to all stakeholders — from the claims professional to the payer, provider and patient.

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