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MedRisk’s Brian Peers Discusses Effective Claims Management Involving Neck Injury

Neck claims can be a pain in the neck in workers’ compensation. They are the third most costly lost-time claims, when ranking the cost of claims by body part, according to the National Safety Council.

Trauma, such as a sprain, whiplash or fracture, is the most common cause of neck pain. However, less obvious damage comes from slumping over smartphones (text neck), using ergonomically incorrect workstations, persistently grinding teeth and back and shoulder injuries.

While the cause and nature of neck pain can vary, a comprehensive treatment plan with phases of patient education, in-person or virtual physical therapy services and encouraging a return-to-work mindset is crucial in facilitating recovery for injured workers.

Brian Peers, DPT, MBA, MedRisk’s Vice President, Clinical Services and Provider Management, shares his insights on proper neck injury claims management in this article, accessible with a free subscription.