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Paul Beattie, MedRisk Scientific Advisory Board Member and EXSC Clinical Professor, Featured for His Work with Army and Airforce Students

At just 19 years old, while stationed in South Vietnam with the U.S. Army, Paul Beattie (now International Scientific Advisory Board Member and EXSC Clinical Professor) decided he wanted to make a difference by going into physical therapy.

Beattie’s connection to the armed forces followed him out of school where his first official patient was a World War II veteran and recent amputee. Beattie’s impact on that particular veteran’s life would become the confirmation he needed that he was on the right path.

Now, 40 years later, Beattie is a lauded and trusted therapist and researcher, but he’s still committed to helping veterans through his work with the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center at Fort Jackson. The Center provides military ministry training to Army and Air Force students and, thanks to Beattie, they also provide them the skills they need to understand and support wounded soldiers and their families.

Six years ago, Beattie designed and helped launch this now-critical part of the ministry training curriculum. Classes include a gross anatomy lab, Gift of Body program, basic combat life support, physical therapy sessions, and personal presentations on the impact chaplains can have on military combat veterans. The program offerings are a collaboration between the Arnold School’s Doctorate in Physical Therapy program and the School of Medicine with faculty, graduate students and volunteers all providing this important component of ministry training.

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