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Patient Advocacy

The workers’ compensation system can be extremely confusing for an injured worker. MedRisk is here to help.

MedRisk’s patient-centric approach to managed physical medicine starts with a consultation with an on staff PT in advance of treatment and is again triggered later in cases where patients suddenly disengage from treatment. During the consultations, MedRisk is able to educate patients on the importance of physical therapy, describe what to expect and address any perceived barriers to recovery — including anxiety about COVID-19.

Materials for Workers

  • I’m Scheduled for an Initial Evaluation. Now What? (Web Version | PDF)
  • I’m Scheduled for Work Hardening/Work Conditioning. Now What? (Web Version | PDF)
  • I’m Scheduled for an FCE. Now What? (Web Version | PDF)
  • I Have a Shoulder Injury. Now What? (Web Version | PDF)
  • I’m Scheduled for Vestibular Therapy. Now What? (Web Version | PDF)
  • Telerehabilitation for Injured Workers: Frequently Asked Questions (Web Version | PDF)

Are you an employer or a case manager interested in distributing these educational pieces? Brandable PDF files are available on the MedRisk Portal.