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Provider Spotlight: Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness

Combining clinical expertise with personalized rehabilitative care.

People, not just patients. Individuals, not diagnoses. Facetime, not wait time.

When co-owners Dan Brownridge and Dave Larson founded Boston-based Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness in 2005, they had a vision for a physical therapy practice that prioritized – and humanized – the provider-patient relationship.

Since that time, their vision has been realized, time and time again. Joint Ventures has expanded its Bay State footprint to become a multi-location practice of 50+ clinicians delivering services ranging from physical therapy and chiropractic to acupuncture and massage therapy. Patients also benefit from the fitness side of the business, which offers personal training and nutritional counseling services. Brownridge and Larson put their mission into practice by ensuring all rehabilitative patients – 300+ a day on average – are seen one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist without the use of assistants, aides, or students. Providers make the most of each moment in the clinic so patients receive highly coordinated, multidisciplinary care catered toward meeting their individual goals. The result? Faster functional outcomes and a personalized customer services experience that is unique in the world of healthcare.

Outside the clinic, Joint Ventures providers have proven to be a valuable resource to not only their patients but also the communities they serve. Clinicians check in with patients on their days off, volunteer at the Boston Marathon each year, and regularly educate local sports teams on injury prevention.

The conclusion? When a referral for physical therapy is warranted for patients with acute LBP, immediate referral and initiation (within 3 days) may lead to lower health care utilization and LBP-related costs.

Joint Ventures has locations in Kenmore Square, Brookline/Allston, Downtown Boston, Kendall Square, Wayland, Prudential Center, and Wellesley. Office hours vary based on location.

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