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Provider Spotlight: REHAB AT WORK

It’s “REHAB that WORKS.” REHAB AT WORK, an orthopedic and industrial rehabilitation provider, puts the “care” in healthcare by always putting people first.

Holistic, patient-centric approaches to care have become vital to successful, personalized service across the entire healthcare industry – including physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Patient-centricity in PT is all about focusing on not just patient injuries but also the impact of those injuries on their home, family and work. That’s the motto of MedRisk provider REHAB AT WORK, which provides real-work simulation and objective evidence-based treatment across the Maryland, Virginia and DC Areas.

The clinic was founded in 1990 by Julie Milanick Howar, OTR/L, CWA, CWT, CES, who aimed to develop a holistic care approach when treating injured workers. REHAB AT WORK offers a variety of treatments in the fields of physical and occupational therapies and industrial rehabilitation and is known for its work simulation in outpatient therapy and work hardening/conditioning programs.

REHAB AT WORK’s 31 on-site clinicians are dedicated to meeting the needs of patients by helping them reach maximum medical improvement. Each clinician passionately invests in educating and spending quality one-on-one treatment time with each patient. To deliver a wide variety of services, including PT, OT, FCEs and more, REHAB AT WORK clinicians stay abreast of the latest PT techniques through corporate-backed, ongoing education. All clinical staff members hold certification for Rehabilitation Services Providers by the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. This focus on education ensures that all patients receive the best care possible. As Howar emphasizes, “it’s the patient’s results that matter.”

The clinic’s facilities feature private treatment rooms, large exercise gyms and functional simulation areas for real-life activities, including daily living, work tasks and tools.

Operating in 10 locations, REHAB AT WORK offers a wide variety of rehabilitation services Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Call MedRisk today at 800-225-9675 to schedule an initial evaluation with REHAB AT WORK or visit us online at

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