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Provider Spotlight: Twin Boro Physical Therapy

Facility: Twin Boro Physical Therapy

Established: 1980

Services: Injury Prevention, Injury Management, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work Re-integration Center, Physical Therapy, Arthritis Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehab, Hand Therapy, Neurological Rehabilitation, Spinal Orthopaedic Rehab, Sports Rehab / Physical Therapy, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), Vestibular Rehabilitation

Twin Boro WORKCARE – Keeping New Jersey on the Job!

Boasting 22 physical therapy clinics, that serve 9 New Jersey counties, Twin Boro Physical Therapy has been growing since its establishment more than three decades ago, with two additional locations, Bridgewater and Holmdel, New Jersey, opening in the Fall of 2016!

Today, their professional team of skilled and experienced physical therapists handles workers’ compensation cases across the state from within its WorkCare division, with a strong emphasis on manual therapy and functional activities within their treatment program.

Twin Boro’s WorkCare program offers many advantages that set it apart from its competitors, including the convenience of proximity to local highways and early morning and late night hours five days a week in many of their locations.

As a primary entry point to patient care, Twin Boro WorkCare ensures immediate scheduling and evaluations within 24 to 48 hours. Every patient is assigned a dedicated care manager to support them throughout the course of treatment.

Individual treatment plans are highly customized to the patient’s job description and occupational fitness needs.

“Our injured workers receive extensive hands-on, manual therapy,” said CEO Andrew Lotsis. “Our goal is to carry out a functional and dynamic program every time they come in. To do that, compliance and communication are paramount.”

Twin Boro’s ability to manage the “moving parts” of treatment is also a lynchpin to its success. A plan of care is developed for each injured worker, and a team consisting of the orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, and family physician works together, using the latest evidence-based interventions, to guide the patient from their initial state to a higher level of function. Every 6 visits, patients are re-evaluated against their initial assessment so that progress can be assessed and monitored against both national standards and the patient’s unique return to work goals.

The result? A solutions-oriented road to recovery that reduces costs, minimizes the potential of reinjury and gets disabled workers back in the game as quickly as possible.