Managed Physical Medicine

Restore® – Delayed Recovery Solutions

Introducing MedRisk Restore®, a break-through solution to delayed recovery cases that integrates our industry-leading managed physical medicine program with psychosocial barrier identification and resolution.

While traditional approaches to delayed recovery cases focus on pain symptoms, Restore® combines the internationally renowned Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) with MedRisk’s physical medicine management program.

This unique strategy promotes reintegration into life-role activities, improves quality of life for patients and facilitates return to work – even in long-since stalled recoveries.

Why Restore®?

Research suggests that pain explains only 10 percent of a disability. Psychosocial factors, by contrast, account for as much as 30 percent of variance in the magnitude of disability. The Restore® program addresses catastrophic thinking, fear/avoidance, disability beliefs and perceived injustice in order to break through the barriers preventing injured workers from returning to their normal lives.

Easy to use and simple to integrate with existing MedRisk workflows, Restore® has a 77 percent enrollment success rate. It has resulted in a 33 percent reduction in ongoing use of pain medications, and 60 percent return-to-work results.

What is PGAP?

PGAP with physiotherapy is an evidence-based approach for reducing disability. Developed by Dr. Michael Sullivan of the University Centre for Research on Pain and Disability in Nova Scotia, PGAP was included in the 18th edition of the Work Loss Data Institute’s Official Disability Guidelines (ODG).

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