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UPMC Centers for Rehab Services Reflects on 20+ Years as a MedRisk Provider

As MedRisk celebrates its 25th anniversary, one of its longest-held provider partnerships sustains its value in business growth and patient outcomes.

It’s easy to see why Leslie Giannetta, Marketing Representative, at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services (CRS) calls the company’s partnership with MedRisk “a mutually beneficial relationship.” Sharing similar values and goals, the organizations have each experienced growth and helped facilitate positive patient outcomes in their 20+ years working together.

Shortly after MedRisk’s founding in 1995, CRS joined MedRisk’s network of providers, according to Leslie, “To expand our opportunities within this market segment and continue to build our business.”

Since that time, Leslie says, CRS has grown each year. Today, its service area covers 24,000 square miles and includes 70 community-based locations in Western and Central Pennsylvania. CRS clinicians serve about 2,000 unique patients each day, offering a range of specialized physical, occupational and speech therapy programs, from hand therapy and industrial rehab to aquatic therapy and balance and vestibular rehabilitation.

CRS’ focus on quality of care and effective treatment strategies has ensured that MedRisk clients see injured workers getting back to work faster. CRS quality of care is supported by an organizational commitment to continuing education, driven by a collective mission of clinical excellence. The organization’s 500 therapists span a wide range of specialties and include teaching faculty, world-renowned specialists and well-known authors – all sharing the unified mission of empowering patients with the skills needed to be independent.

It should be no surprise that MedRisk has seen consistently positive outcomes and satisfaction scores, two measures that are continuously tracked for network providers, out of CRS over the last two decades.

“We value our network providers and CRS’ commitment to providing quality care has positively impacted MedRisk’s clinical outcomes,” said Michelle Buckman, MedRisk’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are always striving to improve patient outcomes and reduce lost time from work and are amazed by the progress that’s been made during these last 25 years. With the strong partnerships we have forged with providers like UPMC, we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in the future.”

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