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Utilization Review

Managed Physical Medicine

Brian, MedRisk On-Staff Physical Therapist

All workers’ compensation utilization review programs are designed to serve the same basic function: determining if a proposed treatment is medically necessary. But all utilization review programs are not created equal.

MedRisk’s URAC-accredited utilization review program – for both diagnostic imaging and physical medicine – is a step above the industry standard.

Grounded in proprietary, evidence-based guidelines, our UR services are designed to add value and enhance the overall quality of care provided to injured workers.

At MedRisk, utilization review is:

  • Never outsourced to overseas vendors. All UR services are performed by full-time, U.S.-based staff members.
  • Fully integrated with our managed physical medicine and diagnostic imaging offerings, streamlining scheduling and follow-up tasks
  • Powered by evidence-based guidelines
  • Thorough in scope
  • Designed to connect the injured worker with the right provider at the right time – for the appropriate and medically necessary treatment
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