Adjusters and Case Managers

Simplifying referral processes and reducing
administrative work

As your partner, one of our main responsibilities is making your job easier. With our user-friendly approach and dedicated support, you can confidently place and manage referrals while we do what’s necessary to reduce your administrative load.

Network Advantage

We actively manage the industry’s largest network of credentialed physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors. Our outcome-based network resolves cases in 48 percent fewer days than unmanaged cases.

Unprecedented clinical oversight

Effective medical management starts with clinical expertise. Guided by our International Scientific Advisory Board, our relentless focus on clinical outcomes results in better care for injured employees, faster return to work and significant savings for payers.

Data-Backed Decisions

Our care approach utilizes current research, outcome studies and evidence- based treatment guidelines to promote quality care. We use sophisticated analytics to review program results and provide detailed to reporting to benchmark success.

Personalized Service

When you make a referral to the MedRisk team, you’re never alone. Our dedicated team of advocates stays with each case from beginning to end, providing regular updates. We make it easy for claims professionals and injured employees to work with us.

Making a referral is easy:


Online: Click here to enter our secure portal

Phone: 800-225-9675

Fax: 877-455-4440


Why Work with MedRisk


  • Same day scheduling on most referrals
  • Industry-leading phone pickup times, tracked to the second
  • Call center staffed by friendly and professional full-time employees
  • Dedicated single points of contact for each case
  • Proven methodologies for day-to-day communication and escalation
  • HIPAA-secure access to case information 24/7

Prompt response and scheduling

We’ve designed our referral process to be straightforward and hassle-free. Whether you place a referral via phone, fax or through our portal, we get to work right away. As part of our process, we proactively contact the injured employee, arrange appointments with our network of providers, and provide clear instructions and scheduling details. We understand the urgency of getting injured employees the care they need promptly.

Transparent Communication


We prioritize clear and consistent communication. You can expect regular updates on the progress of your referral, including confirmation of appointments, treatment plans, and any additional documentation needed. Our commitment to transparency helps you stay informed and ensures a collaborative approach to managing the injured employee’s care.

Customized Reporting

MedRisk provides customized reports and analytics to help you track the progress and outcomes of your referrals. Our reports offer valuable insights into key metrics, such as treatment utilization, compliance, and outcomes. With advanced technology and an industry-leading network, our AI-powered model identifies high-risk claims early on, enabling you to take proactive measures and implement appropriate treatment plans. These data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions, optimize your processes, and achieve better outcomes for the injured employees.

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