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The MedRisk Network

As the industry leader in managed physical medicine services for workers’ compensation, MedRisk offers unparalleled opportunities to help your physical, occupational or chiropractic practice bring movement and recovery to more patients.

Good outcomes drive referrals


MedRisk’s commitment to exceptional patient outcomes is well-known in the industry. When you join our network, you become part of a collective effort to deliver outstanding care that produces tangible results. By consistently achieving positive patient outcomes, you naturally become a preferred choice, leading to the opportunity for increased volume of referrals to support a thriving practice.

Why work with MedRisk


Access 90% of top workers’ compensation payers,
including Fortune 500 employers, TPAs and carriers powered by a program that rewards clinically successful providers with increased business.

Streamlined scheduling and payments,
ensuring prompt patient care and reimbursements.

Experienced customer service,
featuring fast responses, minimal hold times and timely returned calls from the dedicated MedRisk team.

A comprehensive provider portal,
delivering administration efficiencies, expedited patient management, secure document submissions and real-time claim status checks.

With MedRisk, patients arrive well informed and benefit from reasonable recovery expectations. The straightforward continued auth process is easy. And not needing additional forms beyond our notes makes them a preferred workers’ comp partner.”

– Licensed PT

Amplify your Impact


Unlock the full potential of your clinic by joining the MedRisk network. Experience the benefits of increased visibility, streamlined referrals, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology—all while maintaining your commitment to delivering exceptional care.

Call our Provider Relations team at 866-697-3707 or email We’d love to work with you!

Promoting our providers

We promote our network providers both locally and nationally to our extensive client listing of top workers’ compensation payers and fortune 500 employers.

If you’re a provider in California or Tennessee and do not want to receive patient referrals from a specific employer, insurer or third–party administrator listed here, please email us at with your list of exceptions. If you need additional assistance, please call our Provider Relations team at 866-697-3707.

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Call our Provider Relations team at 866-697-3707 or email We’d love to work with you!

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