See MedRisk’s Physical Medicine Experts at two NWC speaking sessions

The Winning Formula: How PT Data Enhances Claim Scoring and Care Pathways for Better Patient Outcome

The rise of Big Data has allowed for the early identification of at-risk claims, but siloed data has long been an obstacle. Effective data sharing is now allowing claims professionals and providers to leverage data as a fundamental driving force to transform the patient experience – claims scoring is part of that transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your claims management, improve efficiency and achieve better outcomes. Join us to unlock transformational change within your claims operations.


  • Brian PeersVP Clinical Services, MedRisk
  • Greg NicholsPresident of SPNet, MedRisk
  • Scott ParulskiAVP WC Claim Product Development, Travelers
  • Skip Brechtel, Jr. EVP Strategic Partnerships, CCMSI

60 Tips in 60 Minutes: Secrets to Understanding and Treating the Invisible

Some of the toughest challenges in workers’ comp involve treating what you can’t see. That doesn’t just mean muscle strains and low back pain, it can also mean depression, financial worries, family struggles and a list of other concerns that can negatively impact an injured worker’s ability to recover and get back on the job. Six experts, representing professionals across the workers’ comp and care spectrum, will offer their best wisdom on 60 common (and uncommon) RTW challenges you have the power to master.

Featured MedRisk Speaker

  • Brian PeersVP Clinical Services, MedRisk