Data-Backed Decisions

Leveraging more than 25 years of data insights to support positive claim outcomes.

Approximately 20% of claims drive 80% of overall costs. While some claims are severe from the start, others can become more challenging over time. MedRisk provides data-backed clinical insights to keep injured employee recovery plans on track, leveraging our data insights to quickly detect and address outliers to deliver positive outcomes.

Provider SmartMatch

Getting injured employees to the right provider


Using provider and treatment data, we identify the provider best suited to help each injured employee recover from a specific injury. This helps drive the best clinical outcome for the patient and positive outcomes for your program.

Claim Scoring

Identifying and acting on aberrant claims before they become a problem

We inform claims professionals’ actions and decision-making with a proprietary scoring methodology that identifies at-risk PT claims early in the life of the claim. This methodology helps ensure that the appropriate level of clinical oversight is shared with claims teams to drive the best outcome.

Network Advantage

We actively manage the industry’s largest network of credentialed physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors. Our outcome-based network resolves cases in 48 percent fewer days than unmanaged cases.

Unprecedented clinical oversight

Effective medical management starts with clinical expertise. Guided by our International Scientific Advisory Board, our relentless focus on clinical outcomes results in better care for injured employees, faster return to work and significant savings for payers.

Personalized Service

When you make a referral to the MedRisk team, you’re never alone. Our dedicated team of advocates stays with each case from beginning to end, providing regular updates. We make it easy for claims professionals and injured employees to work with us.

Client Insights Dashboard

See what’s happening with your program right now


Our Client Insights Dashboard provides actionable insights and trending information for deeper analysis that enables collaboration and the ability to track progress on long and short-term program goals. The dashboard includes input from our enhanced provider portal, where providers have one click access for requesting authorizations, treatment notes and payment updates.

Clinical Oversight

Using data to support clinical outcomes


When it comes to PT, there’s one goal: maximized recovery for the patient at an optimal cost with a positive experience for everyone. Throughout the claims process, points of friction can slow recovery and prevent a clear understanding of outcomes. Leveraging our 25+ years of expertise and data, we’ve enhanced our digital experiences to make the entire PT process easier for everyone involved.

We’re driving superior claim program outcomes by:


  • Enhancing experiences / digital interactions
  • Leveraging advanced analytics
  • Providing continuous clinical oversight

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