Functional Capacity Evaluations

MedRisk’s first-of-its-kind functional capacity evaluation program is designed to provide employers, claim professionals and employees with the tools and information they need to make the process as simple as possible.

From easy-to-read report summaries and peer-to-peer QA checks to the industry’s strongest commitment to patient satisfaction, the MedRisk FCE program clarifies what is traditionally a confusing process for patients, employers and claim professionals alike. The goal? Improved outcomes – and fewer administrative burdens for payers.

FCE Summary Reports: An Industry First

At MedRisk, every FCE report includes an understandable and relevant summary that provides an actionable overview of the evaluation, including functional results as they relate to identified job requirements, information on the patient’s consistency of effort, and return-to-work recommendations.

Patient Education

Nothing can derail an FCE like a patient who is not told what to expect beforehand. That’s why MedRisk’s FCE program includes multiple levels of patient education, including material about the purpose and length of the evaluation, recommendations on what to wear and voicemail and text appointment reminders. This patient-centric component reduces no-shows and walkouts, while improving patient satisfaction.

Goal Identification

FCEs can be used to measure the progress of treatment strategies, determine disability ratings, support safe return-to-work decisions or as a condition of employment. Thus, it is critical that the objective of a particular FCE be identified and communicated before the evaluation itself.

In the MedRisk FCE program, specific requirements and objectives are pinpointed and clearly communicated to the evaluating therapist in advance. Same day peer-to-peer quality assurance checks of evaluation reports ensure that objectives are met. In addition, MedRisk maintains an online library of job descriptions for participating employers to minimize “errors in translation.”

A Nationwide Network

Using guidelines developed by the American Physical Therapy Association, MedRisk’s national network of physical and occupational therapists have been credentialed to perform the highest quality FCEs.

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