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Alysha and Jasmine, MedRisk Provider Relations

Joining the MedRisk network creates numerous benefits for physical and occupational therapy practices, chiropractic offices and diagnostic imaging centers.

As the leading specialty managed care organization serving the workers’ compensation industry, MedRisk offers unparalleled access to referrals from top carriers, TPAs and employers. In addition, our time-tested engagement and billing practices ensure efficient communication and payment – empowering you and your office staff to focus on what’s important: the patient.

Interested in becoming part of the nation’s largest and most respected network of pre-screened PT, OT, chiropractic and diagnostic imaging providers? Click here to contact us today.

  • Access to pre-authorized referrals from carriers, TPAs and employers
  • Local and national sales and marketing representation at claims offices and industry events
  • Efficient scheduling, case coordination and reimbursement
  • Dedicated team of customer service representatives

Top providers love being part of the MedRisk network. That’s why we enjoy 96 percent provider retention. Plus, we hold contracts with 90 percent of the top referring workers’ comp payers in the industry.


Call our Provider Relations team at 866-697-3707, or email We’d love to work with you!


At MedRisk we promote our network providers both locally and nationally to our extensive client listing of top workers’ compensation payers and fortune 500 employers.

If you’re a provider in California or Tennessee and do not want to receive patient referrals from a specific employer, insurer or third–party administrator listed here, please email us at with your list of exceptions. If you need additional assistance, please call our Provider Relations team at 866-697-3707.