Why evidence-based guidelines matter in patient treatment

Most likely, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about evidence-based clinical guidelines…

In the past years, clinical guidelines have steadily become a more common part of clinical practice.

But what are they really and why are they important?

Ensuring effective and efficient treatment

From treatment recommendations for specific conditions to the optimal length of time a patient needs treatment, and much more, evidence-based clinical guidelines are designed to help administrators and practitioners make the appropriate decisions for each case.

What does this mean?

For patients — The biggest benefit of these guidelines is better health outcomes. When decisions on treatment are based on interventions of proved benefit, the result is consistency of care, improved quality of life, and reduced morbidity and mortality.

For organizations — With guidelines based on proven treatments to follow, the usage of ineffective care ceases. Ultimately, this saves money, time, and effort that would otherwise have been spent fruitlessly.

How MedRisk makes it happen for you

As the only PT network with a custom set of clinical guidelines and over 28 years applying clinical expertise, we are well versed in how the right guidelines can impact patient outcomes.

At MedRisk, our clinical guidelines are created, maintained, and updated by a group we call the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB).

Who’s in the ISAB anyway? Our board is composed of a multi-disciplinary panel of leading scientists, physicians, physical therapists, and educators. You can learn more about its members here.

By examining new research and trends, our team provides guidelines and valuable input for our new products and services to ensure that every patient treated by MedRisk gets the most effective and efficient care possible.

We’re restoring movement, empowering recovery, and driving progress in workers’ compensation.

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