PT First

Streamlining Care with Early Intervention Physical Therapy

By incorporating PT very early into the treatment process, your organization can experience significant cost savings, faster recoveries, and improved clinical outcomes.



PT First is designed to accelerate recovery, reduce costs, and improve clinical outcomes by incorporating physical therapy (PT) early in the treatment process, often before or in instead of doctor visits.

With PT First from MedRisk, you can experience:

Reduced Treatment Costs

Embracing PT very early into the treatment process for the right injury can lead to lower overall treatment expenses.

Decreased Reliance on Pharmacy and Imaging

Early PT reduces the need for medications and diagnostic imaging, promoting a healthier recovery process.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Many injured workers can benefit from a short course of PT. With PT First, we partner with you to fast track access to PT, helping patients get the care they need when they need it most, even if it’s before or instead of the initial physician visit.

Trusted Diagnosticians

Physical therapists are reliable diagnosticians, reducing the risk of missing critical information during assessment and treatment processes.

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