When injured employees need physical medicine services, MedRisk is there to coordinate care

Work comp injuries impact on both individuals and businesses. Leveraging the expertise of in-house clinicians and evidence-based guidelines, MedRisk assesses each claim using consultative analytics and provides the right care to injured employees throughout their entire episode of care. Injured employees receive compassionate care and clients benefit from lower overall claims costs.

Our advocacy experts help patients navigate the system and speed up the recovery process by promoting good will among patients, employers and claims professionals.

Comprehensive Services

Managed Physical Medicine

At MedRisk, managed physical medicine encompasses more than simply connecting payers with providers. Our goal is to create efficiencies that reduce administrative burdens and medical costs while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care and outcomes for everyone involved. Our network provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care and other physical medicine services.


MedRisk includes telerehabilitation as part of our managed physical medicine services to make PT services more accessible than ever. Remote patient monitoring allows for guided home exercises that capture and summarize clinical data on performance, progress and compliance to maximize care management.

On-Site Physical Therapy

On-site physical therapy services are used to treat employees where they work. Our on-site care model supports musculoskeletal health and addresses injuries right away.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Designed to provide employers, claim professionals and employees with the tools they need to make the process as simple as possible, our functional capacity evaluation program helps ensure improved outcomes — and fewer administrative burdens for payers.

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