Carriers, TPA’s and State Funds

We’re restoring movement, empowering recovery, and driving progress in workers’ compensation

As a fiduciary responsible for caring for injured employees, it’s important to work with partners who understand your goals. Every day, we work alongside carriers, third party administrators and state funds to achieve successful clinical and financial claims outcomes. Our focus is on helping injured employees successfully return to work feeling healthy and capable and making the care coordination process as easy as possible for claims professionals.


The MedRisk difference extends far beyond savings and utilization management. We pride ourselves on serving as an effective conduit throughout the continuum of care, offering personal attention and proactive solutions until the day each injured employee returns to work. The result? Positive outcomes for the employer, the injured employee… and you.


Our partnership with carriers, TPAs and State Funds includes:


 A dedicated account manager to oversee the success of your program.


Customized reporting and analytics to help you track the progress and clinical and financial outcomes of your referrals.


Volume-based pricing discounts that help you to manage the cost of appropriate care.


Clinical oversight and proactive care management to help return employees to work sooner.

Network Advantage

We actively manage the industry’s largest network of credentialed physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors. Our outcome-based network resolves cases in 48 percent fewer days than unmanaged cases.

Unprecedented Clinical Oversight

Effective medical management starts with clinical expertise. Guided by our International Scientific Advisory Board, our relentless focus on clinical outcomes results in better care for injured employees, faster return to work and significant savings for payers.

Data-Backed Decisions

Our care approach utilizes current research, outcome studies and evidence- based treatment guidelines to promote quality care. We use sophisticated analytics to review program results and provide detailed to reporting to benchmark success.

Personalized Service

When you make a referral to the MedRisk team, you’re never alone. Our dedicated team of advocates stays with each case from beginning to end, providing regular updates. We make it easy for claims professionals and injured employees to work with us.



  • Utilization management and evidence-based treatment strategies reduce the total cost and duration of care
  • Consistently superior treatment outcomes
  • Unique solutions for delayed recovery cases
  • Personal attention and highly customized service
  • A dedicated single point of contact for each case

By using MedRisk physical medicine services as an early investment in injured employee care, carriers, TPAs and state funds are reducing recovery times and supporting earlier return to work.

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